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News :

  • June 29, 1999: First public release. Version 0.9 ( Beta ).
  • July 15, 1999: Fisrt stable release, with some new features :
    • Some bugs fixed.
    • A command launcher that can start applications, such as fetchmail or sendmail, when the web connection is up.
    • Some command line options ( window position and config file location ... ).
    • Some new options: remenber window position, beeps etc...

Introduction :

Venezia is a client for the Charle P. Wright's c-mserver. It was developed using gtk under Linux. The c-mserver enable you to remotely connect the server to the internet, and due to the masquerading makes possible for all the machines on your local net to use this connection. Venezia is a user friendly frontend to that server, designed for end-users on a linux box. It has several possibilities :

  • Handle more than one mserver.
  • Automatic management of locks on connections
  • Informations about available connections.
  • Command launcher.
  • etc...

Venezia is distributed under the terms of G.P.L. ( GNU General Public License ). It is a free software, You can redistribute it or modify it in any way. It is distributed with the hope to be usefull but without warranty.

Author :

Venezia is maintained by Vincent Le Prince.
Thanks to Tom ( Thomas Morin ) for the logo.

Download :

Package : Size : File :
Sources 68 Ko venezia-1.0-src.tgz
Binaries: i386, libc6, gtk 1.2 (dyn) 61 Ko venezia-1.0-bin.tgz

Installation :

If you're lucky, this should be enough :

make install
For the moment this code was only tested on an Intel/Linux box. If you succed in any other ports please let me know ! When it's installed, just try it with : venezia. As It is your first launch you will be asked for server configuration and other options.

Development :

TODO List :

  • Gnome version.
  • Graphic display of net load.
  • International messages.
  • Connection Log.
  • etc...

Bugs :

For any bug contact me, and explain me how it happened.

Links :

Last update: July 15, 1999.
Vincent Le Prince.