linuxdoc-make changelog

linuxdoc-make changelog

Gilles Lamiral

$Revision: 1.16 $ $Date: 2002/01/11 04:57:53 $

Changes file for linuxdoc-make

Documentation index

You can find the latest release of linuxdoc-make, written by Gilles Lamiral, located at:

This document, written in SGML, may be available in several formats: ASCII TeX SGML PostScript HTML HTM PDF Info LyX Man

1. Introduction

This document is written in reverse order. The last changes are at the top. All relative file paths are from the top directory of the software tree.

2. release 0.13

- ASCII txt output is not done by lynx anymore.
  Can still be done with "make txt2"

- sgml/lidoma-guide.en.m4

- sgml/

- Makefile
  Added make tidy to clean html files
  Added txt2 stuff (txt output by sgml2html and lynx)

- bin/ 
  Removed tidy stuff in html output
  Removed tidy stuff in htm output
  Added header stuff in html output
  Added header stuff in htm output
  Added --incd option. It is the include directory. 
  Default is './include'
  ASCII outpout, added rule using sgml2txt instead of lynx
  ASCII outpout with lynx are in TXT2_DIR now
[2002 01 11 06:13:04] 2002 January 11 Friday CET +0100

- Makefile: 
removed  "if" dependency from make dist
added rm indexes.done in make clean-hd
- Makefile: 
make clone now copy lidoma.m4 to override.m4
You just have to edit include/override.m4

[2001 11 22 04:02:22] 2001 November 22 Thursday CET +0100

3. release 0.12

Makefile: NAV_LST does not depend on ./clone now
.index.m4: Added HTML preamble and end
Makefile: Added copy of include/*.html in make clone
Makefile: Added $(MYNAME_LST) prerequisite for .nav.done
Makefile: Added blank background in automatic index.html
Makefile: Removed htm_dir prerequisite from $(INDEX.html_LST) target
[2001 10 21 02:15:33] 2001 October 21 Sunday CEST +0200

Added , and escaped -~ in bin/
[2001 10 03 17:24:08] 2001 October 03 Wednesday CEST +0200

- Changed bin/ to remove "*" caracters
[2001 09 20 22:33:09] 2001 September 20 Thursday CEST +0200

- Changed bin/, no link if files do not exist.
- Added
[2001 09 01 03:30:19] 2001 September 01 Saturday CEST +0200

- Added %z in "make date"
[2001 08 17 01:25:19] 2001 August 17 Friday CEST +0200

4. release 0.11

- Updated the documentation.

- Changed HEADER* variable names and constants in Makefile
- Variable NAV.html comes from definition.m4 in Makefile
- HEADER is index.html now
- use of bin/

5. release 0.10

- use of M4PATH in Makefile
- clone copies include/*.m4 in Makefile
- m4/ -> include/
- test gets all models    in Makefile
- clone gets some .myname in Makefile

- Added rsync:
- Added comments and cleanup Makefile
- test: run make h
- Added clean-test:
- $(HEADER.html_LST): need htm_dir
- define DIST_NAME was bugged
- .HEADER.m4 list can be null now.
- Renamed some variables
- header: is hd: now. Create all headers.
- Moved .hd.done recipe because it depends on $(HTM_FROM_SGML)
-   is a variable
- .nav.html   is a variable
- .HEADER.m4  is a variable
- HEADER.html is a variable
- Added cleanup tex files (.aux, .lot etc.) in pdf section 
  in bin/
- Removed sgml dependencies for make html htm txt etc, in Makefile
- Corrected "::" rules to ":" in bin/
  I do not know why I used ::
- Added make pdf in make test
- Removed dvipdfm use. Replaced by pdflatex.
- Added --output=dvi in section "Device independent" in bin/
- Added -f options in make clone

6. release 0.09

Just a bug corrected (missing bin/variables) in make clone. So added a real make test now (XP philosophy is there).

7. release 0.08

Now, directories are created when needed. Their names are defined in the file bin/variables. You can change their names, just edit the bin/variables file.

m4 command must be prefixed with "m4_" now.


     Added safe calls for navsquare

     *_DIR variables are included from bin/variables

     Added htm_dir txt_dir dvi_dir rtf_dir ps_dir tex_dir 
           info_dir lyx_dir man_dir pdf_dir recipes in Makefile

           LYX_DIR MAN_DIR PDF_DIR variables in bin/
           LYX_DIR MAN_DIR PDF_DIR variables in Makefile
     Added html_dir recipe in Makefile
     Replace some ";" by "&&" in bin/ commands
     Added HTML_DIR variable in bin/
     Added HTML_DIR variable in Makefile
     Added dist-dir-test recipe

8. release 0.07

I've read again Recursive Make Considered Harmful, written by Peter Miller. He is right. I've experienced many caveats he descibes so I decided to remove the recursive makefile building.

The processor m4 is powerful. Now you can write SGML documents that will be processed by m4 if they end with the suffix .m4 instead of .sgml. Be careful, toto.sgml file will be overwritten if but only if toto.m4 exists. To avoid any hidden caveats I put them in the same directory (./sgml).

     - make pdf is no longer recursive
     - make man is no longer recursive
     - make lyx is no longer recursive
     - make info is no longer recursive
     - make tex is no longer recursive
     - make ps is no longer recursive
     - make rtf is no longer recursive
     - make dvi is no longer recursive
     - make txt is no longer recursive
     - make html is no longer recursive
     - HTML_FROM_SGML is HTM_FROM_SGML now in Makefile.
     - Removed copy of sgml/*.sgml and sgml/*.m4 in make clone
     - [2001 03 12 04:24:53] 2001 March 12 Monday MET
     - Adapted make dist
     - Adapted make clone
     - change some "M4_" definitions in  m4/definitions.m4
     - [2001 03 07 22:47:02] 2001 March 07 Wednesday MET

     - make clean-headers in top Makefile
     - def from m4 in top Makefile
     - adapted make dist in top Makefile
     - added md5sum to make dist in top Makefile
     - adapted make clone in top Makefile
     - adapted make lfo  in top Makefile
     - Added $(DIST_DIR) in top Makefile
     - Added  m4/definitions.m4 dependency in bin/
     - Added some M4_ def use in sgml/
     - Added some M4_ def def in m4/definitions.m4
     - Changed to work with m4/definitions.m4
     - Added "make date" in top Makefile
     - [2001 03 06 21:23:50] 2001 March 06 Tuesday MET

     - Changed define VERSION and DIST_NAME in top Makefile
     - Applied definitions to sgml/
     - Wrote ./m4/definitions.m4
     - Defined $(SGML_FROM_M4) $(SGML_LIST) $(HTML_FROM_SGML)
     - removed old htm rules in bin/
     - rm htm/Makefile
     - htm2: rule is replaced by htm: (old htm: removed)
     - Wrote ./htm/*.htm in
     - Wrote htm2: rule
     - Tried ./htm/%.htm in rules/rules.m4
     - removed rules/rules.m4 and moved its rules in bin/
     - Added conditional test to "rules:" in the top Makefile.
     - removed bin/Makefile and moved the rules to the top Makefile.
     - Added dependency to "sgml:" for all "real" targets (html, htm, etc.)
     - Wrote the "sgml:" goal.
     - Wrote the "sgml::" rule in bin/rules.m4
     - [2001 03 05 23:25:55] 2001 March 05 Monday MET

9. release 0.06

Nearly nothing.

10. release 0.05

[980734384] 2001 January 29 Monday MET 03:13:04

     - rsync lfo
     - relaced common by bin in every Makefile
     - removed link common/
     - simplified lfo:
     - Wrote target doc:
     - upload: is renamed lfo:
     - Rewrote completely dist: (no more clone)
     - Created .myname files for some directories
     - common/ is now a link to bin/
     - directory common/ is replaced by bin/
     - Added navsquare tags in bin/
     - Added ns:, an alias to target navsquare: 
     - Added target navsquare: 
     - Renamed Linuxdoc-make.??.sgml to lidoma-guide.??.sgml
     - Renamed README.??.sgml to lidoma-readme.??.sgml
     - Renamed Model.??.sgml to lidoma-model.??.sgml
     - replaced ";" by "&&" in clone: target
     - removed clean-dist in clean:
     - Changing ./Makefile
     - Make symlink bin/ to common/
     - Removed symlinks ./README.en.html and
     - dl alias is /bin/date '+[%s] %Y %B %d %A %Z %H:%M:%S'
     - Searching for a date format.
     - Started this document.