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KDE in WindowMaker (and others...) :

kde2wm 0.99

Yves BAILLY, kafka.fr@francemel.com

Many of us are using a "light" windows manager, as WindowMaker, while using the KDE tools, because they're great.
The trouble is, the links in the KDE menu can't be used in the WindowMaker menu (or AfterStep, Fvwm...). So you may find it not easy to have KDE tools in the WindowMaker menu.
This Perl script solves this problem : it "translate" the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker and many others.


Untar the file kde2wm-0.99.tar.gz :
tar zxvf kde2wm-0.99.tar.gz
Then just run the install script :
cd kde2wm-0.99

This will copy the file kde2wm to the folder /usr/bin, and create the folder kde2wm-0.99 in the folder /usr/doc to store some info files.

Now you can delete the folder kde2wm-0.99 created when unpacking.

Using kde2wm

Note that you probably must be root to use kde2wm.
The easy way : simply enter
and that's all.

If you encounter troubles caused by a non-standard installation, you may try with command-line switches :

To specify where too look for the link in KDE fashion. By default, it is

We must give the whole path to icons associated with KDE applications : this is the folder containing these icons. By default, it is

To specify where to store the link in wmconfig fashion. By default, it is

A littel summary of this file.


Tell me if it works or not, to go to release 1.0.
Every (good) idea is welcome...

Dijon, FRANCE, May 1, 1999