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Re: [imapsync] Error on connecting with STARTTLS

From Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>
Subject Re: [imapsync] Error on connecting with STARTTLS
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 18:50:11 +0200


>> I loved the program the minute i've seen it, but I am having some difficulties with setting it up and I am becoming desperate (I might pick up batchscripting again!). Every time I connect to a server who wants to authenticate with STARTTLS, it's giving me the error "No STARTTLS capability at ./imapsync line 1916.". How to fix it?
> Can your IMAP server do TLS?

Conclusion of this issue for the mailing-list archive, the server, Gmail, can not do TLS, just SSL.
The nice part is a bug was found, --ssl2 --tls2 options used together set port 143 while it should be 993.

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