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Re: [imapsync] Syntax Question

From Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>
Subject Re: [imapsync] Syntax Question
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 20:33:36 +0200

Le 16/05/2012 18:06, Jason McClure a écrit :
I might be missing something here. This is the syntax I am trying:

imapsync ... --regextrans2 's/(.*)/INBOX/' --sep1 / --sep2 / --prefix1 '' --prefix2 ''

It is creating new folders in host2's mailbox, starting with ''. I have tried changing the prefix1 and prefix2 to INBOX. as suggested by the program and it creates new folders starting with INBOX.

What am I missing?

Setting --sep1 / --sep2 / --prefix1 '' --prefix2 '' is often a bad idea, let's start with the start, what is the output and result without them?

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