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Re: [imapsync] Bad Command Line too Large

From Phil Pearl <ppearl at vmware dot com>
Subject Re: [imapsync] Bad Command Line too Large
Date Fri, 9 Dec 2011 14:42:35 -0800 (PST)

Hi Gilles,

Does this mean that imapsync is not using (or is overriding) Maxcommandlength?  Or did
you find the default 1000 to be too small?


Is this not applicable in this situation or is there some other bug that you
are working around in the code?  I would expect that this option would deal
with most cases like this but maybe I am missing something.


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Subject: Re: [imapsync] Bad Command Line too Large

Hi there

> We are trying to use imapsync from Sun JES ver 6.2 to Exchange 2010 SP2


> Using imapsync-1.468.exe on Win 7 32bit machine


> Some of our larger email users are having issues getting their inboxes to sync.
> Host1 folder INBOX: Could not fetch_hash_2 4364 msgs: 13 BAD Command line too large

Add --split1 500 or less --split1 200 if the error still occur with 500 (default is 1000)

> I have been able to move many other Inboxes with  10MB of mail but these inboxes are 200MB ~2000 messages.  We have also been able to move other folders within those accounts with 400mb and 5000 messages What makes this even stranger is I had one of the users move most off their mail out of their inbox and I was able to move the inbox. Then I had them move all the mail back into the mailbox and all the mail sync’ed! Then to be sure we restored the JES account from the nightly backup and deleted the Exchange mailbox and recreated it. I ran imapsync again and it worked just fine.

I can explain. Uids were disparate initially in INBOX, by moving them away and back you recreated 
new uids than can be written "10000-22345" instead of "10000 10001 10002 ... 22344 22345" (with numbers instead of  ...)
so IMAP commands were smaller the second time, the command line was small.

Default will be --split 500 in next release.

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