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Re: [imapsync] disconnections

From Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>
Subject Re: [imapsync] disconnections
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 09:39:53 +0200

Hi Michele,

> all tests (and the migration itself) have been made with Mail-IMAPClient-3.25.


> Now I did as you asked with  Mail-IMAPClient-2.2.9 
> but it did not work... see log file attached.

The log shows host2 disconnects at the beginning during
folder size evaluation. It disconnects after 10 "does not exist yet".
Sometimes imap servers doesn't like the imapsync detects
non existing folders. The issue here doesn't seem
related to --useuid, it might fail too without, no?

Can you run it as well with --nofoldersizes?

Another point, Mail-IMAPClient-3.xx doesn't print anything when
a disconnection occurs. A disconnection is always important
and the default behavior should mention it, even if the
reconnect is successful. It seems we're in a case where
a disconnect occurs, the reconnect isn't successful
but Mail-IMAPClient-3.xx think it is.

Maybe the APPEND failure with {0} message size we see
this days is related to invisible disconnections
that can't get back successfully during the FETCH,
the message_string() call returns "success" but
an empty string.

Au revoir,                             09 51 84 42 42
Gilles Lamiral. France, Baulon (35580) 06 20 79 76 06