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Trouble migrating to gmail

From Jeff Chapin <jeff dot chapin at uni dot edu>
Subject Trouble migrating to gmail
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2011 08:12:42 -0600

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Thanks for the wonderful software. We are currently looking at options
for a managed migration of 30,000 users from our existing email solution
to Gmail. Our existing solution is Oracle Collaboration Suite.

I have been testing imapsync with some dummy accounts, and have been
running into the following errors many, many times. We have yet to get
the test account to sync completely. After many messages are
successfully transferred, we run into the following errors:

- - msg INBOX/1793 couldn't append  (Subject:[TESTING Password Reset
Reminder]) to folder INBOX: Error sending '3515 APPEND INBOX ()
"10-Mar-2011 21:37:36 +0000" {1366}': NO not connected

Here is a sample of the statistics reported on one run:

 ++++ Statistics
Transfer time                     : 843 sec
Messages transferred              : 406
Messages skipped                  : 505
Messages found duplicate on host1 : 1
Messages found duplicate on host2 : 0
Messages void (noheader) on host1 : 0
Messages void (noheader) on host2 : 0
Messages deleted on host1         : 0
Messages deleted on host2         : 0
Total bytes transferred           : 554596
Total bytes duplicate host1       : 361
Total bytes duplicate host2       : 0
Total bytes skipped               : 686358
Total bytes error                 : 12244251
Message rate                      : 0.5 messages/s
Average bandwidth rate            : 0.6 KiB/s
Reconnections to host1            : 0
Reconnections to host2            : 0
Memory consumption                :
(04:39:41 PM) Me(UNI MSN): 39.8 MB
Biggest message                   : 17974 bytes
Memory/biggest message ratio      : 2322.6
Detected 8951 errors

Here are the arguments I started with:

imapsync     --host1 mail.collabtest.uni.edu --ssl1     --host2
imap.gmail.com --ssl2     --user1
admin1 at collabtest dot uni dot edu#SUuser1@collabtest.uni.edu     --passfile1
admin2.password     --user2 user1 at gtest dot uni dot edu     --passfile2

Note, the user1 name is correct. We are using an administrative feature
that allows us to connect to any mailbox using the passwords of an

I am really hoping we can get this figured out, as this tool seems to
otherwise fit our needs perfectly, and once I can make that case to my
supervisors we can order the source code ;-)


- --
Jeff Chapin,
Assistant Systems/Applications Administrator
ITS-IS, University of Northern Iowa
Phone: 319-273-3162 Email: Jeff dot Chapin at uni dot edu
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