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Re: [imapsync] imapsync help required

From Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>
Subject Re: [imapsync] imapsync help required
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 02:16:53 +0100

Hello Ravi,

I just configured my imap sync tool to migrate users from mail server on linux to mail server on windows. I got stuck after I came to “perl –I /Mail-IMAPClient-.2.2.9 imapsync . Please let me know how do I make install file and install imapsync and start migrating users to windows box.

Can you describe the issue you encountered?

I also have doubt to know what is the syntax to migrate users mailbox to windows from linux without changing their password. Please help me in this regard.

Did you read the README file?

Au revoir,                               02 99 64 31 77
Gilles Lamiral. France, Chavagne (35310) 06 20 79 76 06