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Re: [imapsync] imapsync fails when transferring mails with "application/applefile" attachments

From Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf dot Hildebrandt at charite dot de>
Subject Re: [imapsync] imapsync fails when transferring mails with "application/applefile" attachments
Date Tue, 2 Feb 2010 08:39:56 +0100

* Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>:
> Hello Ralf,
> >In this case it was a *.doc sent as application/applefile.
> >
> >I change the MIME Type to application/octet-stream and the mails could
> >be transferred successfully.
> So is the issue solved?
> You can write a small FAQ item with the issue (the context) and the solution,
> I'll include it the FAQ.


Q. From any to Exchange2007 

- Big messages: increse the "send- and receive-connector" 
  in exchange2007 to 40 MB.

R. 2 solutions
R1. With imapsync (only partial success)
  --skipsize --skipheader 'Received' \
  --regexmess 's{\A(.*?(?!^$))^Date:(.*?)$}{$1Date:$2\nReceived: From; $2}gxms'

Any user having time to spend to debug Exchange2007 with imapsync
is welcome.

R2. Other solution
Two users succeded by using "MS Transporter Suite" (which is closed
expensive nonfree software).

- Exchange won't accept mails containing application/applefile documents

R1. Change the MIME Type of the attachment for application/applefile to application/octet-stream

In the problematic folder run: 
% perl -p -i -e "s/application\/applefile;/application\/octet-stream;/g" *
which is very simplistic, but faster than doing it manually!

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