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SV: [imapsync] UW-Imap To exchange2007

From Peter Sørensen <maspsr at sdu dot dk>
Subject SV: [imapsync] UW-Imap To exchange2007
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 08:12:01 +0100

Hello Gilles,

>Are you migrating from uw or to uw?

From UW to Exchange2007

>> But if I have a folder structure with ala pine with:
>>     Mail/xxxx
>>     Mail/yyyy
>>     Mail/.....
>> imapsync takes everything in the Mail dir and see these as folders also regular files
>> What am I missing here ?

>May be --subscribed will help you.
>uw-imap is a little stupid.

Tried that but then nothing happens.

Best regards