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Re: The --regextrans2 option

From Gilles LAMIRAL <gilles dot lamiral at laposte dot net>
Subject Re: The --regextrans2 option
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:04:02 +0200

Hello David,

>>> --regextrans2 's/&/+/g' 
>> --regextrans2 's/&/_and_/g' 
> Understood. If only I could persuade our users to think along the same
> lines!

You are the man who can change their folder names, no persuasion, just action :-)

> I am finding that folder names with "&" are being replaced with a "+-"
> sequence, 


>>> --regextrans2 's,[~\/],\-,g' 
>> I prefer _ than -
> I suppose that the underscore character has a lesser chance of being
> confused.

Yes: - is minus or dash or hyphen.

>>> --regextrans2 's/ $/$/g' 
>> Strange. To remove last blank characters:
>> --regextrans2 's/ $//g' 

--regextrans2 's/ +$//g' 
may be better

> I'm pretty sure that I tried your suggested option, but without success
> -- for this combination of servers. The trailing blank character took a
> lot of time to resolve.

The regex 's/ $/$/g' will replace the blank by a $, no?, that's why I said "strange".

>>> --regextrans2 's/^ /! /g'
>> Why do you add a ! character to folder names beginning with a blank?

> Leading spaces are not accepted on the CommuniGate server, but people
> often use them on our Domino server to bring a folder to the top of the
> list. Since they often do this to indicate that the folder has a higher
> priority, I have elected to replace the leading space with a bang ( ! )
> so that the folder is still sorted at the top of the folder list,
> preserving their sense of order.

--regextrans2 's/^ +/01_/g'

Like this your users will learn they can even order the top list
(I really do that)

>>> --skipsize --skipheader '^X-' --sep1 '\' 
>> Why do you write several --sep1 options?

> I don't have the answer to that question, but I'm pretty sure that I
> tested the process without it, only to find that it was necessary. 

No, only one will be taken into account.

>>>> -- My colleague included the following -- what does it mean?
>>>>     --regextrans2 's/[^ +,\-.0-9:=\ at A-Z_a-z~&]/_/g'
>> Very strange to change class A-Za-z by _
>> Won't be useful names: ________
> No kidding. I never even attempted to put this line in, once I could
> read the script fairly accurately.

I was wrong because of [^ I missed. Will be not too bad names.

Au revoir,                               02 99 64 31 77
Gilles Lamiral. France, Chavagne (35310) 06 20 79 76 06