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gcompte 0.3.8

Autor : Fabien Marchewka
Logo : Sylvain Debeux
English translation : Michael T. Babcock
LateX exportation : Jean-Luc CHARLES
User documentation : Phil Pham
Project start date : 18 septembre 1999

This software aims to help you manage your personal account.
I count on everyone to notify me of any bugs. It is my first GTK program since I'm disappointed by the other bank account management programs (too bulky: java, or too complex: GNUcash). So please, be forgiving about the quality of the code. I'm in the process of optimising certain parts. I used Glade to create the interface (thanks to the author for simplifying this project). The interface code is retouched too.
What you can do (in version 0.3.8) :
  • Create a new account.
  • Add manual debit transactions (cheques, withdrawals, etc)
  • Add manual credit transactions (deposits, etc.)
  • Sort by date automatically
  • Suppress an operation
  • Shows negative balances in red
  • Save your data
  • Balance your account
  • Save the file in LaTeX
  • Export files as CSV HTML
  • Undo deletions
  • Load a file from the command-line
  • Save under another name
  • Modify previous entries (if not balanced)
  • Files saved mode 600
  • Files in XML format
  • Automatic completion for descriptions (use the ESC key)
  • Printing

to compile gcompte, you need GTK 1.2, automake 1.3, autoconf 2.13, lixml 1.x
make install

pour launch gcompte : gcompte

Screenshots :
main window
window to add operation
balance window
One of later windows : window to add autoamtic operation

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sources packages :
Download version 0.3.5 (src) : gcompte-0.3.5.tar.gz

Download version 0.3.6 (src) : gcompte-0.3.6.tar.gz

Download version 0.3.6b (src) : gcompte-0.3.6b.tar.gz

Download version 0.3.7 (src) : gcompte-0.3.7.tar.gz

Download version 0.3.8 (src) : gcompte-0.3.8.tar.gz

RPM packages :
Download version 0.3.5 (i386) : gcompte-0.3.5-0.i386.rpm

Download version 0.3.8 (i386) : gcompte-0.3.8-1.i386.rpm

Les packages SRP.RPM :
Download de la version 0.3.8 (src) : gcompte-0.3.8-1.src.rpm