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DrumPatterns 0.52 release.

See the ChangeLog file.

The documentation is still out of date, but less than before. I'll soon make a effort after someone discover the lacks.

What is it ?

DrumPatterns is a free, open source, web oriented drum patterns generator.

DrumPattern is a tool to learn drum patterns.

With DrumPattern, you can learn the "rudiments".

And you can learn much more. This tool is exhaustive, you select the members you want to study, some rules to avoid silly patterns (according to you), and the pattern length.

Then you run the program. DrumPatterns generates all the patterns that feet your choice. It presents each pattern in a loop with itself and also with the opposite sequence.

DrumPatterns generates Midi files.

Actual version

The actual version is : 0.52

The 0 does not mean this version is not stable enough but that it does not present every function that the author wants. See the To Do section in the full documentation.

Try it !

It's easy to try, just click on the "Try it" link above. The first time you use it, some default values will show you a example without any configuration. To go further, you'll certainly need to read the documentation in English or in French. For the ASCII fanatics, a French Ascii documentation and a English Ascii documentation are available.

How much is it ?

It free, of course. If you do not want to spend more money with your phone connexion you can play with it at home. Get it at linux-france. You will also need Apache, Perl,, and a web browser.

You can also manage a mirror site of this home page and everything you will find here because the archive is the exact replication of the one of this server. Just send me an e-mail, it'll make me happy to know your interest.


DrumPatterns generates MIDI files. The optional compression reduces the length by a factor of 50 and allows a qwick download, even with a modem. Use it. Compressions with zip, gz, bz2 are at the rendez-vous.

I need you

To know your interest because my mail box is very quiet and the evolutions are only defined by myself. It is not a reason to rot it...

To translate the program user interface, this page and the documentation in the language you want.


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