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Latest version : libeXode-pre-beta-1.0b1

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The libeXode library is the main library of the eXode desktop. It allow any Motif (or better, lesstif) client to be registered. This is a motif based implementation of the eXode protocol ( a xlib level implement will follow).

The eXode interclient communication scheme is easily implementable in the majority of already existing motif or better, lesstif compliant tools. The non-motif Xt tools or even the Xlib tool can support the majority of the following requirements without the need of a complete code rewrite.

This is also non-centralized interclient communication lib :

Since we don't want to force the user to use a specific tool, there's not a "most important tool", concerning the interclient communication.

For example, we won't impose a specific window manager (note that the ICCCM compliance is required).

Using the eXode protocol, every lesstif/motif/Xt tool will support the following functionalities :

· enhanced session management

· high level window management ( we encourage the use of a ICCCMwindow manager)

· on the fly resources/configuration management (the tools mustsupport the editres protocol)

· online HTML based help

· client-to-client connections ( private protocols )

· any idea ?

The last design feature of the eXode protocol is : evolutivity. It's very easy to support new functionalities. Older applications will still work with the new protocols but the new functionalities will perhaps need new function calls in the clients.

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