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The BM levels : from silly to crazy !

In the beginning ...

Because I thought the player must at least pass the first level, I designed this really simple breakout-style level. But don't laugh, try to finish it first !

Do you know Natacha ?

Apart from being my girlfriend, Natacha is also a not so easy level. I think you won't like my her beautiful eyes ...

Three inches

A cool design, a cool level : the best protected disk of the world !

Do you like stress ?

This level is hard but if you manage to open a way at the right, you'll have your change...

The (bad) mood, the bad and the ugly

Think about this : "this is the most difficult level in BM a challenge for professionnals !"

WormTro is back !

You thought destroying bricks was your only job ? Forget it... You'll also face WormTro. Not really a nice guy !

Fred Pesch
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