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Break Machine 1.4 - Freeware

"A popular Arkanoid clone, for popular arkanoid fans..."

The Team (well, they helped me a little bit)

  Code, Gfx, Sounds, Musics                     :   Fred Pesch.
  Pov - Art                                     :   Benji Durin
  Additional Gfx, Sprite Editor Creation        :   Mickael Bergue
  Levels design                                 :   Natacha
  Asm Optimisations (Vga Card)                  :   Reza
  Beta-Testers                                  :   Mickael

READ THIS ! (or don't)

  This Software is (C) 1995-1997, IO DESIGN

  This Version is Freeware, this is the last and final version :
  You can copy it as you want, share it with your friends, drop it, eat it ...
  You're using this Program at your own risk but we inform you that
  some people have a condition that causes them to exeperience an
  epileptic. But that's normal, that's typically a "killer software"
  side effect !

System requirement (no, BM won't run on your ZX8x !)

  To play BM, you need

     - a 100% IBM PC Compatible Computer with 80386,486 or Pentium processor
     - a DOS-compliant system (Ms-dos(tm), Windows(tm), Dosemu, OS/2(tm), etc .)
     - 530Kb of Base Memory (see your Dos Manual)
     - a Vga card with at least 256Kb of Memory
     - a Microsoft(tm) compatible Mouse with Dos driver
     - a 3"1/4 disk drive.

     for the sounds:

     - 256kb XMS memory (Extended Memory - need HIMEM.SYS)
     - a Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card

     for the music:

     - an Adlib compatible Sound Card

The Story (Yes, this game is intellectual !)

  In an another dimension exists an incredible World: BRICKANIA
  The only thing we know today about this parallax World is its main 

  We use to call it : THE BRICK

  Some Bad Monsters Came from this World to Make the Earth a big Wall !

  So, We, the Earthlings, decided to Destroy this Atmospherical Wall.

  The X-PAD 01 ship was especially designed for "Space Bricks Breaking"

  But this is too dangerous to put a human in the ship so we employed
  the Best Computer Player, You, to "Virtually" command the Ship.

  The X-PAD 01 uses a new Weapon type called X-Ball but don't let the X-ball
  Bounding on earth, we have only 3 negate-X-Ball missiles to protect Earth !

  We will send you some Ship-features to help you but be carreful,
  the Brickanians will send you Computer Viruses !

  There will be ugly Brickanian's Monsters and be carefull when you will
  reach the outer space regions :

             the very big & violent WormTro'll wait you !

             GOOD LUCK !

Game Features (pretentious mode on)

Contact the author (esp. if you're a girl... pretty, ...)

You enjoyed Break Machine, let me know !
You found a few bugs ? well ... don't forget it's free, and now I dont have the time to fix these bugs, I know it's a problem but linux......................coooool..............Gates.......................Monster...........................

The Author is .... Fred Pesch

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