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What they say about Break Machine

Thanks to all the people who bought the Shareware version, sent something for the Cardware version and played the freeware version !
"Break Machine is a superb Arkanoid/Breakout-type game 
that is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours, 
as well as tax your reflexes to the limit"

What PC ? (UK) - October 1995

The realisation of the game is perfect, it mimics in an integral way the arkanoid of our childhood. DP Tool club (France)
The ultimate breakout ! PC TEAM (France)
We enjoy Break Machine very much, Thanks ! Phillip & Sheila (UK)
We have lots of fun with the game though some levels are quite difficult and it is very easy to lose some of the lives !" Dr. Schrader (Germany)
I am a 7 years old child. I've done a highscore of 89450, level 13. I like your game BM. Gabriel (Spain)
My whole family likes your Break Machine very much. Our record is now 147000 points. Gerhard (Austria)
J'ai aimé jouer Casse la machine. David (UK)
Bok ! You said that we should send you something and you'll send us a password or something to cheat this game ! Vladimir (Croatia)
I have fun about "BREAK MACHINE". I hope you can make more excellent game. Yung-shu (Taiwan)
I send you this postcard because BM is really cool. Ke-fong (France)
BM is running perfectly, and this game is of excellent quality. There's only one drawback : it's very too difficult ! Is there a cheat mode or something ? Frederic (France)
I am one of the happy users of your Break Machine. The initial screen is a bit slow on my 386. If you ever come to Prague, give me a buzz ! Marian (Czech Republic)
Hallo Fred & Tentacle Bob, Ich kenn kein franzosich, bzw. Es is wirklich gut ! Lutz (Germany)
I am writing to you to say how great you PC game Break Machine is. Roger, captain (UK)
You breakout style game "Break Machine" is really wonderful. Emmanuel (France)
A highly entertaining and enjoyable game ! Some debugging needed. Simeon
Enjoy your Brick game of as much almost as my 8 ans grandson. Terry
What a change to find a computer game that us oldies can use. Lionel (UK)
First of all, I have to say that it is one of the most adictive shareware games that I have played, also one of the best. X400 (?)
IT'S TOO HARD ! Natacha (France)
Fred Pesch
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