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Ilo (was : Euro LUGs Network (Gulliver - Rennes))

From Arnaud Fouquaut <afouquaut at skamp-zo dot org>
Subject Ilo (was : Euro LUGs Network (Gulliver - Rennes))
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 12:39:48 +0200

David MENTRE a écrit :

Hello Fabrizio,

Fabrizio Sebastiani <fabrizio at bzimage dot it> writes:

   I'm Fabrizio Sebastiani of the LUGRoma, actualy a coordinator or the
EuroLugs project.

I Invite you, as a LUG of the city of Rennes , to partecipate to the
project of all european LUGs,
sponsored by FFII (www.ffii.org).

I've just subscribed to the EuroLUG mailing list and will follow it for Gulliver, LUG of Rennes, west of France.

tiens, a ce propos que devient ILO (Inter Lug Ouest) ?