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Re: [gulliver-contact] Euro LUGs Network (Gulliver - Rennes)

From David MENTRE <dmentre at linux-france dot org>
Subject Re: [gulliver-contact] Euro LUGs Network (Gulliver - Rennes)
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 09:57:18 +0200

Fabrizio Sebastiani <fabrizio at bzimage dot it> writes:

> You are welcome !


> Actually no very much discussions are on going on the mail list
> because we are waiting to complete che
> contacting jobs.


> In just need some help to complete this work for France. Can you help
> in invitations of other LUGs for France ? This job for France had not
> done as good as other countries.

Well, I haven't a lot of free time and I intendeed to be a lurcker more
than an active participant. But I also think that having a *european*
network is of first importance. Therefore, if you need help...

> I can and want involve in this, i whould be very thanks to you. i
> think that this work would be done by French people themself. In this
> case, contact me, i will explain you better wha's the plan.

... just explain me what is the current plan. I'll try to help.

I suppose you have a list of people already contacted?