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Re: [gulliver] Debian 3.0 et activer le DMA

From David MENTRE <david dot mentre at wanadoo dot fr>
Subject Re: [gulliver] Debian 3.0 et activer le DMA
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 20:59:14 +0200

Jean-Yves Burlett <jean-yves at burlett dot org> writes:

> apt-get install hwtools, je crois.

D'après la description du package, ça n'a pas l'air d'être ça.

david at oops:~$ apt-cache show hwtools
Description: Collection of tools for low-level hardware management
 This package is a collection of tools useful for hardware
 troubleshooting and optimization (for ix86 machines):
  irqtune: adjusts priority of interrupts (improves serial performance),
  scanport: scans for hardware not already handled by Linux drivers,
  memmxtest: a real mode memory test, with MMX support.  You may want
 to look at package memtest86 as well.
 Be aware that these tools require some knowledge of what are they
 doing to be used properly, not causing damage to your system.
 Some programs that were previously part of this package have been
 moved to their own packages (hdparm, scsitools, memtest86)

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