B.14. Lucid Menu X Resources

If the Emacs installed at your site was built to use the X toolkit with the Lucid menu widgets, then the menu bar is a separate widget and has its own resources. The resource names contain pane.menubar (following, as always, the name of the Emacs invocation or Emacs which stands for all Emacs invocations). Specify them like this:

Emacs.pane.menubar.resource:  value

For example, to specify the font 8x16 for the menu-bar items, write this:

Emacs.pane.menubar.font:  8x16

Resources for non-menubar toolkit pop-up menus have menu*, in like fashion. For example, to specify the font 8x16 for the pop-up menu items, write this:

Emacs.menu*.font:	8x16

For dialog boxes, use dialog instead of menu:

Emacs.dialog*.font:	8x16

Experience shows that on some systems you may need to add shell. before the pane.menubar or menu*. On some other systems, you must not add shell..

Here is a list of the specific resources for menu bars and pop-up menus:


Font for menu item text.


Color of the foreground.


Color of the background.


In the menu bar, the color of the foreground for a selected item.


Horizontal spacing in pixels between items. Default is 3.


Vertical spacing in pixels between items. Default is 1.


Horizontal spacing between the arrow (which indicates a submenu) and the associated text. Default is 10.


Thickness of shadow line around the widget.


The margin of the menu bar, in characters. The default of 4 makes the menu bar appear like the LessTif/Motif one.