Chapitre 30. Dired, the Directory Editor

Table des matières
30.1. Entering Dired
30.2. Commands in the Dired Buffer
30.3. Deleting Files with Dired
30.4. Flagging Many Files at Once
30.5. Visiting Files in Dired
30.6. Dired Marks vs. Flags
30.7. Operating on Files
30.8. Shell Commands in Dired
30.9. Transforming File Names in Dired
30.10. File Comparison with Dired
30.11. Subdirectories in Dired
30.12. Moving Over Subdirectories
30.13. Hiding Subdirectories
30.14. Updating the Dired Buffer
30.15. Dired and find

Dired makes an Emacs buffer containing a listing of a directory, and optionally some of its subdirectories as well. You can use the normal Emacs commands to move around in this buffer, and special Dired commands to operate on the files listed.

The Dired-X package provides various extra features for Dired mode. .