Chapitre 25. Compiling and Testing Programs

Table des matières
25.1. Running Compilations under Emacs
25.2. Searching with Grep under Emacs
25.3. Compilation Mode
25.4. Subshells for Compilation
25.5. Running Debuggers Under Emacs
25.5.1. Starting GUD
25.5.2. Debugger Operation
25.5.3. Commands of GUD
25.5.4. GUD Customization
25.5.5. GUD Tooltips
25.6. Executing Lisp Expressions
25.7. Libraries of Lisp Code for Emacs
25.8. Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
25.9. Lisp Interaction Buffers
25.10. Running an External Lisp

The previous chapter discusses the Emacs commands that are useful for making changes in programs. This chapter deals with commands that assist in the larger process of developing and maintaining programs.